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SCS offers a full fleet of portable meter provers. Our dedicated fleet includes bidirectional provers and small volume provers, as well as our new innovative Coriolis master meter provers.  We are able to prove flow rates up to 3400 BPH, and up to 300# ANSI pressure ratings.  Our operators have a thorough understanding of custody transfer measurement, and are able to assist with trouble shooting, meter maintenance and repair. We are committed to reliable scheduling, site safety and a clean environment. SCS proves the following over a wide range of flow rates:

  • Coriolis meters

  • Positive displacement meters

  • Turbine meters

With the growing need for a more accurate means of proving custody and allocation meters in remote locations lacking conventional power, the SCS team is capable of providing a cart-mounted, solar powered Coriolis metering/proving system. This system uses the Coriolis meter as a “Master Meter” which is proved in a controlled environment, then used in the field to prove ancillary meters. The system uses a solar panel and battery system to power the meter and associated instrumentation.

  • Master meter proving


With a partnership of our proving team and your field personnel, we can help you ensure that your meters are performing to the highest accuracy possible.

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