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SCS maintains all disciplines required to design/build your systems under one roof. We have invested deeply in our human capital. Design/engineering, project management, steel fabrication, paint, and I&E fabrication are all handled in-house by SCS employees.

  • Site Acreage: 18

  • Total Manufacturing Facility: 81,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Office Space: 5,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Fab: 26,000 Sq. Ft.

  • WHSE: 10,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Electrical: 21,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Paint & Blast: 15,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Training: 4,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Lifting Capacity:  (1) 20 Ton crane  (2) 10 ton Overhead Crane, (2) 5 Ton overhead cranes

  • Forklifts: (1) 35 K, (1) 26 K

  • Welding Capacity pipe up to 36” diameter

  • FAT capable facility and team to lead or participate in the process

  • Wet Test or Flow test capable in order to recreate an ‘in field’ simulated test

  • Real time drafting and design for product planning phases

  • Controlled environment indoor paint, coating and curing

  • Controlled enclosed blast with recirculating blast media for the best preparation

  • Multi-state mobile prover fleet (small volume, ball provers & master meters)

  • Robust parts department to serve all repair and maintenance needs

  • In addition to the state of the art purpose built manufacturing facility, SCS has assembled one of the strongest teams in the liquid measurement field.

    • Degreed Mechanical Engineers

    • Experienced Project Managers

    • Seasoned Designers

    • Certified Quality Control Inspector

    • Certified Welding Inspector

    • NACE Paint Inspector

    • Full-Time Safety Manager

    • Licensed Master Electrician - multi-state

    • LACT Technicians for field work, installs, commissioning, maintenance and repairs

    • I/E Field Technicians

    • PLC programmers

    • Field construction employees

    • Support staff to cover all functions from inventory control, documentation, compliance, HR and insurance.

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