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At SCS, we strive to always ensure that our processes and products adhere to the highest of quality standards. We work tirelessly to improve upon the integrity of our products and operations, securing the maximum level of confidence among our customers.


As we pursue excellence, we comply with all industry principles of best practices set forth by many of the professional and industry associations with which we are affiliated. 


We build to:

  • ASME B31.3

  • ASME B31.4

  • Current NEC Code


We pride ourselves on our engineering practices, including state of the art design software. Project execution is documented in great detail, so that the details are preserved in computer format.


Our quality processes:

  • Certified welding inspectors

  • Special certification

  • NACE certification

  • CQC certification

The best in the industry trust us to provide them with the highest quality of process solutions and support.

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