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Pipeline measurement systems typically involve the transfer of high volumes of petroleum products through large line sizes, which translate to transactions involving large amounts of money. SCS designs and fabricates your pipeline metering skids, while focusing on optimizing the through-put via the most effective and economical number of meter runs.  We keep in mind the control narrative, while addressing any redundancy or future expansion requirements.


Our state-of-the-art facility, in-house resources such as I&E, blast and paint, and robust QA/QC program allow for full turn-key fabrication of these large custody transfer systems.


Traditional Applications

  • Crude oil

  • Refined products

  • Natural gas



  • LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

  • LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas

  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

  • Cryogenic Applications


SCS can develop and build the system tailored to your requirements.


The industry leaders in petroleum transportation and storage trust SCS with their full pipeline systems integration.

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