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Increase revenue and become EPA Compliant! SCS Vapor Recovery Units


SCS Technologies has developed a best in class solution to help capture fugitive gas and reduce greenhouse gasses. Our turnkey packages can be customized to help you meet EPA 0000a regulations. These systems capture rich natural gas vapors with high BTU content creating financial incentive to install. SCS offers multiple configurations based on the gas composition, suction and discharge pressure requirements at the site location including:

  • Screw Compressors

  • Sliding Vane, Flooded Vane Compressors 

  • Reciprocating Compressors 


These systems have been effectively installed in a variety of applications:

  • Stock Tanks (0-12oz)

  • VRT (Vapor Recovery Tower) (0-10psig)

  • Casing Gas (Wellhead) (0-50 psig)

  • Three Phase Separators  (0-45psig)

  • Produced Water Tanks (0-12 oz)

  • Glycol Dehydrator Still Column vent gas (0-12 oz)


Runtime is Everything

SCS understands that runtime is critical to reducing emissions so we have incorporated Variable Speed Drives along with recycle valves to ensure smooth operation in a myriad of ever changing conditions. Our solutions utilize a PLC to operate, monitor and log the skid in a variety of field conditions. 


If you are interested, please call or fill out our conditions form below and our engineers will analyze your needs and respond with pricing and performance information.

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