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Liquid Meter School

Oct.  3-4, 2023

SCS Training Center
3423 IH 20, Big Spring, TX

The SCS Technologies Fluid Meter School emphasizes the practical usage of positive displacement, turbine and coriolis meters as they are applied to the measurement of crude oil and other liquid products.

The information that a production company, midstream company or pipeline operator requires to assure accurate measurement of product at the custody transfer point is the central focus of our two-day school. 


With this in mind, the Meter School agenda is designed to teach the following subjects:

  • Application of coriolis, positive displacement, and turbine meters in custody transfer services.

  • Meter calibration using master meters, bi-directional, and small volume provers.

  • Terms used in liquid measurement

  • Proper LACT design and operation

  • LACT controls and automation

  • BS&W measurement

  • Sizing and operation of pipeline injection pumps

  • Troubleshooting common measurement problems  

  • The role of a meter-proving witness

  • Allocation measurement

  • Hands-on sessions for select topics (BS&W calibrations, LACT components and other)

The SCS Measurement Team and Teachers will be joined by industry experts on Pumps, Meters, Meter Proving, BS&W Measurement and Automation.  Please join us as our instructors share lifetimes of knowledge regarding the measurement of liquid hydrocarbons.


Fee: $300 per person for the two-day session. 

This includes breakfast and lunch for each attendance day and literature on the covered topics.  Transportation and lodging are not included.


      Settles Hotel 432 267 7500 H         Hampton Inn 432-264-9800

      TownPlace Suites 432-606-5166     La Quinta Inn 432-271-4152

LIMITED SEATING - Reserve your spot now as we anticipate these spots will fill quickly.

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