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Allow the experienced SCS team to guide and fabricate your next transloading or terminal measurement projects.


  • Multiple meter run transloaders

  • Terminal Measurement Systems

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Renewables

  • Refined Products

  • Chemicals

  • Fall protection

  • Domestic and International

  • Turn-Key solutions with SCS key partners


SCS has multiple years of experience in measurement including but not limited to fossil fuels, renewables, refined products and chemical industries. Our team of engineers, project managers and SME’s take terminal and transloading equipment from design to startup/commissioning phases with a multitude of external strategic partners that allow SCS to provide a holistic solution to meet your requirements. Our terminal and transloading projects extend domestically and internationally. SCS will create solutions from initial brainstorming ideas on the back of a napkin to fully developed and engineered projects.

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