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10,100 Trees

planted so far


Urban reforestation is central to our vision, and sustaining nature is our passion.

Energy transformation requires more than just technological innovation; it demands a shared commitment from all sectors to enact real change.

That's why SCS Technologies pledges to plant

 one million trees by 2030.

One tree, such as a live oak, offsets over 5 tons of CO2 in its lifetime. Trees are not only important for carbon sequestration, they enhance the quality of life and add beauty and wildlife habitat to the environment.


  • We will plant 100,000 trees in economically challenged areas across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

  • We've taken the SME Climate Hub pledge, committing to Net Zero by 2050.

  • We will support the energy transition by providing high-quality systems and services to capture fugitive gas.

Trail in Woods


SCS is proud to announce that our first official Urban Reforestation event is taking place in Galena Park, Texas on March 23, 2024. 

Galena Park lies between Houston and the Ship Channel, nestled between Buffalo Bayou and I-10. It's a main thoroughfare used by diesel trucks hauling freight from the Port of Houston to the city and beyond, and has been identified as an area of increased health risk due to diesel pollutants. 1/3 of children under 18 live under the poverty line. SCS in partnership with Trees for Houston has identified Galena Park as an area in need of trees and will distribute over 1,100 shade, fruit, and flowering trees to the community to plant around their homes.

Following on the heels of a successful distribution of 1,125 trees in December, 2023 this event will have provided over two thousand trees to improve the air in Galena Park.


SCS welcomes Jane Stricker, Executive Director of the Greater Houston Partnership’s Houston Energy Transition Initiative (HETI), as the executive chairperson of the Galena Park Urban Reforestation event.

We thank our supporters and partners who are helping make these trees available and volunteering their time to distribute these trees this Spring.

Event Sponsors

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