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Liquid Meter School

Check back soon for future session dates and registration information. 

The SCS Technologies Liquid Meter School emphasizes the practical usage of positive displacement, turbine and coriolis meters as they are applied to the measurement of crude oil and other liquid products.


The information that a production company, midstream company or pipeline operator requires to assure accurate measurement of product at the custody transfer point is the central focus of our two day school. With this in mind, the meter school agenda is designed to teach the following subjects: 

  • Application of coriolis, positive displacement and turbine meters in custody transfer services. 

  • Meter calibration using master meters, bidirectional and small volume provers. 

  • Terms used in liquid measurement

  • Proper LACT design and operation

  • LACT controls and automation

  • BS&W measurement

  • Sizing and operation of pipeline injection pumps

  • Troubleshooting common measurement problems

  • The role of a meter proving witness

  • Hands-on sessions for select topics (BS&W calibrations, LACT components and more)

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